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Emotional life

Emotional life

Tuesday, 21. December 2010

To leave, ever forget who fell in love

By lexia, 02:17

To leave, ever forget who fell in love
Fleeting across the dusty memories, buried deep in the heart of that piece of micro-Yang sea, leaving a person to continue to drift away recall the fragrance, knowing that the front is very confused, but also to move forward, despite the passage of so young and no regrets, while walking around will be very difficult, not to erase a little footprint, still carrying full of sadness.
Years ago, an acquaintance, wrote each other's acquaintance, tore Jinxi's companions, the final phase from the sake of love in the bits and pieces, woven into the tragic destiny. If life had not met you, I'm still very young; if you have not missed this life, I was younger; if life had not no reunion, I will become young. You turned a very relaxed, so that true love die without a trace, never thought he was reluctant to part. Left, just a picture, but the price paid with his life, really expect this scene is just a mirage, but unfortunately it is a history of years.
Lost love, unfortunately, for you, but do not mind, all the way to go down, not flat Tan Tan, but finally in sight, and as such, he really could not bear to miss each footprint, hard to pick up a piece of your discarded memories, but did not think every time you pick up every discarded. Already know the loss is good, so always remind myself that can not easily be lost over the years, bit by bit, and go down towards However, it is the insistence of a man can do nothing, in your opinion asserted that only fragments of it, but themselves are not lost as the most precious thing, they are our youth in exchange for use of every drop of heart tears and effort.v-checker|obd2|obd ii|MVCI interface|MVCI TIS|MVCI HDS|M35080 Perhaps, of all gone the long and perfect love is doomed to broken, it was longing for love beyond the fairy tale, but in an instant pass to each other, because you leave, leave me very difficult to keep this dream, sent a few days, the dream left. Although it is a pity that he just watched it slowly passing away, but can not do something, you walked away, leaving a person to adhere to the promise and the dream was absolutely not possible, because too hard, too helpless, too far off the mark . If there is the slightest hope, I am willing to keep walking in the lonely road, waiting for your return, even if the outlay of more young lives more precious, even if very cold, very lonely along the way, I can do it. Every heartache old enough to own a lot, a few grams to reduce the soul, the soul of 21 grams you have not thought about a few grams there are several, do not hurt every time I told myself, clutching his chest Do not let the blood spread quickly and tell myself not to cry, who knows heartache, the tears dry, found that heart is getting old.
Used to think that suffering will be long after the love, then say goodbye after the unexpected hardships, want to keep, the heart kept calling, kept mended your heart away, for you I can pay more fleeting, but you get the fleeting time to act.Car Ornaments|Auto Locksmith Tools|LAUNCH X-431|D-CAN Interface|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|Alarms and Security When your a high school casually say, you do not like to drink liquor of the boys said, though it was a just a promise you will not be stained with a drop of graduation before liquor, but I am very serious about adhering to, so in the years wheel turned a full five laps, even if I know this is crazy stupid, I'm sorry for each buddy and friend, but I insisted, for you, I would say every word seriously, I do not believe in eachother, Because I insisted on far more than the so-called oath.
Mowen world what love is, because the problem is not the answer, only experienced, to feel, that feeling when you say nothing, just enough heart. We divided three times, three times together, all the way wind and rain, Xiaokan world evil spirits, really believe that if more come together in each other's heart, beyond the myth of love must make to achieve, but they themselves would be the happiest person in the world Who knows you choose unsympathetic to say goodbye to me. But I really do not want this result, because each can do, have to give up easily, this is the wrong decision.
Am concerned that your left is your biggest pain is the next crossroads you meet people who do, maybe he was just a landscape of your life only, but really hope you do not regret their choice too, do not want like to see you suffering and sad tears. Although said: "If the heart is her heart is not my heart, do not go to fight; if Siyi her people were not his people, do not go to Remembrance." But I still choose to recall, this is the only thing I can do for love.
Lonely road, I will wait, although it will be cold, I could have gone to waiting for the good. Your heart to fly to fly, I'll finish the rest of the way. After you left, you can forget who fell in love with each other, must not forget to take care of themselves.

Monday, 29. November 2010

The sorrow of a third party lover

By lexia, 03:21
The sorrow of a third party lover
   Xinyu Feng's lover did, though that he has married, but they were willing to be his lover. Xinyu is a beautiful, gentle, thoughtful, and set a youthful woman, it is the sole focus of a romantic style to understand people. Feng is a leader among peers. Four (with room, a car, stylish, trendy) to the countless women dumping it. In addition to his wife, but maple, the Xinyu is his favorite, since then they are willing to do the underground lover. Feng promised to allow time to verify, given the world the best of everything Xinyu. Xinyu phrase to wait in the moving, the other is 8 years, young women have a few withstand 8 years of delay? No matter how romantic was crazy, the woman most in need or have a harbor dock. But Feng is the only given is precisely not the safe haven.
   As time for the increase, Xinyu found that they both lingering late into the night, Maple must go home. Even drunk, it will abandon her struggling away. Xinyu sad that beg to stay, but the answer to Xinyu Feng, sad to the extreme . Home is always can not afford to shirk responsibility, which could leave home at the expense of men. Sword stabbed Xinyu phrase such as cardiopulmonary spread to the bone marrow, accompanied by grief after the Xinyu Feng husky voice asked, here at home in your mind how to position? Is it really as they say, is sex between lovers partner? No word about feelings? Lei Wu Xinyu the eyes of time, has been suddenly can not see far away suddenly near Maple tenderness, as if like a passing stranger . Xinyu after heartache felt helpless, despair distanced further away All in all ......
   Feng walked away looking at the back, this time Xinyu suddenly realize that they should not be between, the concept of a home from start to finish should not be. Like a deal between them, she gave the other passion, may be a bet. There is no love between them, because love is with responsibility. He gave Xinyu material satisfaction, she does not live under the scorching sun to run around, let her be the boss sent and training responsibilities. Thought it had all the meaning of love, but really wrong, there is love between lovers is never content, only the co-dependency, to meet their needs.
   Xinyu Feng at this time the idea of moving to leave, but these feelings are deep in the bone marrow, a chain bar with the bones of how to separate? There is no way to leave her even maple courage, because she's given the feelings without reservation the only man in her life, is this everything will be wasted without any results? Is feeling really vulnerable destroyed, loss, heartache, despair ......
   He look forward to that feeling of expectation and maple hand have become a luxury. They dare not in broad daylight a little bit ambiguous move, only to go on vacation can holding the hand of maple, each trip is to Xinyu between the moving and melancholy mood sad. She knew their love can only be entangled in a dark corner, Lexia 3|Nissan consult 3|Benz Star|Renault CAN Clip|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|Fly 100 Honda|x431|VCM IDS|Auto Diagnostic|Automotive Diagnostic|VAS 5054ALAUNCH X-431|Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool |auto diagnostic tools|Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Alarms and Security|Auto Locksmith Tools|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|volvo vida dice but Xinyu eager to hand walk in the sun. This is not because of her desire to change the environment and time, but there is a farther and farther away from her ambiguous sign.

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Wednesday, 03. November 2010

Breaking up to be happy, making my mind to be released

By lexia, 02:37

Breaking up to be happy, making my mind to be released
If there is nothing more than "I love you" is harder to say, it should be that "we break up."
When lovers say "I love you", it is usually very accommodating. Even if the words or the move a little makes a mistake, it will be automatically classified as no doubt the good intentions.
And when to say "we break up", most have a considerable rift. The lovers, couples, people no longer tolerant, but warily watching their every word and deed, Shengkong behind what trap.
When the passion of love faded, obscured in the fog gradually dispersed in front of people shocked to find that perfect lover is not as imagined.Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool|auto diagnostic tools|Programmer and Chips |Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|Original ICC IMMO Calculator| He (she) can not do a bath every day, it will not do domestic chores, financial management even more muddle-headed. So out of love of romance and maintenance, people inevitably make various demands.
Of course, these requirements are usually not quickly accepted by the other side, people and ideas contrary to their own speech habits have a natural aversion, it will be gradually breaking up on the agenda.
When the split became inevitable, and often both of them will bring considerable shadow. Long been each other's strong resentment aroused by the attitude will be like stuck in the throat, to speak out.At this point people, is particularly aggressive. "You do not make me happy, I make you uncomfortable," the idea, largely exist.
How to end a perfectly intimate relationship? How can like gentlemen and ladies, passion met quietly broke up the other side as a section of the most beautiful memories of their own?
First of all be clear that they are not in the mood in a particular. Anxiety, anger, extreme sadness, will interfere with a person to make the right judgments. After the cooling off to make the right choice.
Love and not love no right or wrong, just because we do not fit each other.

Car Ornaments|Auto Locksmith Tools|LAUNCH X-431|D-CAN Interface|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|Alarms and Security Pursuit of the balance of mind, many people attributed the error or some other external cause, and few to understand their own fault, this will only increase the hatred, increase their psychological burden.
After the break, people to alleviate suffering, will soon find a new romance. This approach seemed at the time can ease the pain for a while, but the long run, this quick romance, will soon be once again into the previous cycle.
Give yourself enough time to handle emotions, gain experience, to avoid a conflict between them into the next. At this time, you can work and play, or to travel, eat a big meal, or crazy, so you can divert attention, but also to the sense of accomplishment in the work of courage and confidence to re-start the next journey of a life .

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Monday, 11. October 2010

Women of different ages to love the what?

By lexia, 05:10

Women of different ages to love the what?

Women of different ages to love the what?

   Digital seems to be a woman with a pair of natural enemies, the digital age can be exposed to a woman, the pride of self-righteous figure can defeat a woman.But in some time, digital is so intimate, it can show a woman's feminine gorgeous head. Truly understand the life of the woman should not evade the figures, when that string in mind the charm of the characters, presented in front of women,Auto Diagnostic|VCM IDS|Automotive Diagnostic|VAS 5054A|volvo vida dice|Lexia 3|Nissan consult 3 |T300 key programmer|Benz Star|FORD VCM IDS women should be full of thoughts to fill numbers. Figures are actually afraid of women. They are just a code name only, a woman is Smart movement.
If a woman left out the numbers, they will come strongly to please you, and sometimes fate is like that. Do not believe the so-called women's fate, only you have the right to refuse to believe that bumpy road, do not want the difficulties encountered as a matter of course, your firm is an impregnable fortress.
Two-year-old woman, is a tender and beautiful flowers, you can self-willed, can make a man love you pay for your indulgence, but this time a woman should not do too much, you can do a little woman Zhicuojiugai , but not the man to rely on a lifetime, because your long way to go.
When a woman's age more than three years old, do not continue to unnecessary comparisons on his face, this time, the woman is a fine novel writing, she is no longer a two-year-old flashy prose text of that year. Appreciate their women the most beautiful. Three-year-old woman is a treasure, they enjoy life, even know what they want. If you're a man, it should be up to look like a woman to love, the three-year-old woman will filter emotion, only those who are sincere and lasting love, is their first choice.
Four-year-old woman began to pull off to the tedious life, not to virtuous character superimposed with the simple dress, you mix the beauty is internal and external display combined.Renault CAN Clip|FORD VCM IDS|VCM IDS|AD 900 key programmer|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|AK500 key programmer|Fly 100 Honda|x431|Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool|auto diagnostic tools|Programmer and Chips |Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|Original ICC IMMO Calculator Do not save it for a little cosmetics, but the Huanglian Po's hat on his head, the occasional luxury is necessary. Four-year-old woman, to have their own circle of friends, your family is certainly very important, but your world must be more exciting.
Five-year-old woman should wear underwear beautiful than the coat. Resources of the plump body, rational and effective use of them. Do not worry yourself too sexy, this is your charm, is the other age groups beyond the reach of women remains charming. Five-year-old woman to give men a sense of distance, a man born a perfectionist, who condemned Unfortunately, while the woman was to create this magnificent landscape. Generated from the United States, saying the little phrase right.
    Six-year-old woman is a symbol of luxury, give yourself some fine jewelry to wear, these things belong to you, your beauty, no need for words to explain, you laugh is already the world's most beautiful melody, your the eyes is the ink blue night sky, the moon is bright. At this time a large degree of the woman, the happiness of life has bred woman's sweet, do they like to do, to pass on tips to warm your offspring.
A woman born to love, be loved Do not ask what reason, when love is no reason to enjoy the warmth of being loved is a woman used to do. Women should not shy in front of their men and women can be like a baby, you can play the fool, you can get angry, but not without their own ideas, and love are needed to capture the wisdom, if you are not a body is always full of women,Car Ornaments|Auto Locksmith Tools|LAUNCH X-431|D-CAN Interface|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|Alarms and Security then you thought we should strive to be a plump woman, plump body may become bloated, but the idea of fullness, but always been a proud part of your charm.
Seven-year-old woman is the most brilliant life, when love you and your loved ones around you, life will give you the world the most precious things - love. This time the woman is the kind old lady that old age is the umbrella shield the eyes of a child is the most caring hearts of the children's mother.

Wednesday, 15. September 2010

Men do not do a woman's second lover

By lexia, 04:57

Men do not do a woman's second lover
I caught an emotional disputes.
    When I entered college, had caught up the two former high school classmate, but they rejected me, because I shy nature, have been in pain, so they dared not catching the other girls had. That is, I do not love too, in my last semester of college last year end, in-line QQ group, I met a family name with my girl, we talked and talked and hit it off, so she told me about her own love life, said recently divided with a boyfriend, but man refuses to let go, and said want to go back before, but she said she did not want, because she said that men fall in love with that period, as is Well distance relationship, often quarrel, and that men often die to force her, and finally cut his own wrists to actually threatened, promised to jump off so that we do not like. She can not stand bickering, to break up. Always talk to me online, because both sides have computers, we talk almost every day, it is speculative, she said to her feelings in a desperate, so I do not be afraid to comfort her and me to the group, so we slowly development in the end she told me declare, so we started online dating. Since the middle of that man and woman obstruction of parents, and parents are supporting the man and woman, and she asked us to stop here between, she also said that separate could not bear with me, love me, but forced to rogue had agreed to That man. I find that when I really fell in love with her, so every day to her, always, I hate pain, I told her these, we went back to the past, can be blocked by the middle of Youyi her parents as by the skelter, just when she went looking for a job in another city, I am disregarding the long trip to see her, this is the first time we met, to meet and then I was a bit disappointed, because with her looks, the absolute good enough for me, it is generally recognized, but I just love her, nothing mind or want her, that night, in fact, I do not want to have sexual relations with her, but I fear that she think I despise her, so Mody asked her consent, so if you do not agree that we go to bed, I do not mind, and finally she actually agreed, so we had sex between. That was my first time, but she has already broken when, due to take the car for 15 hours almost without rest, and finally failed miserably. But after that, I find myself loving her more. But at that time and that the men she tangled, she has been explained to me that only love me, just wishful thinking that the men now. Car Ornaments|Auto Locksmith Tools|LAUNCH X-431|D-CAN Interface|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|Alarms and Security I naively believed. About two weeks later, she suddenly proposed to break up with, why not explain, so I pretend to be sick days, no relationship between these two days we finally told her I was sick Well, she told me that I am sorry I said why do you want to separate, she said that I wanted to cool, concentrate dumped him! God, she thought I was too naive, there could be such a reason! Man, you heard that the reason Why? I said I believe you, but you cold my way if I left that say nothing, she cried in the text messaging if they wish to leave me, it was mine hack, I was really touched So I said I believe you can do if you do then you should suffer what I can eat, she knows that for me Shoushen, although not a virgin! As long as I can after Shoushen, I really do not care is not a virgin! Ching Ming Festival to a few days, I made a lot of text messages, she wrote back to a festival to my parents are home, we should not be contacted, so I wonder of the question, parents are not do not mind you, she said, feeling look right, so I continued and then hair, she did not look back, I have not contacted. That evening a few days, I sleep, always feel there is something wrong, then 6 am, I really can not stand, in front of her boyfriend with feeling, so I told her a message saying you remember our hotel in the XX merry night you, come back message that we made love between you, how do I do not remember, you did not much is said between us. I was wondering, so I quickly learned that there are more like that guy again, but dare not admit in front of him between us did! Thus has been concealed in the end he actually believed the former boyfriend! I am that man that I want to talk alone with that woman, I asked her why you want to do this, she pulled the reasons that I love you, I is the identity of his girlfriend to see him go to their school because he did not go to school every time the banner name of his parents my parents driving me crazy, I had to change from. I say you go to bed with him in the past have to do? She actually said that! I was angry to death, but still not out of acceptance, do not want to let go, then say forgive her! After a child with the man and call the process, know that woman loves to play Dance, in the process of falling in love with him, for some reason hit her once, then that woman has one-night stand with a friend Dance, the final was a man or forgive her! I feel really sad that woman, but out of love for her, everything is quiet the pain in my heart! We then know that I pretend to be sick in the two days, her friends any connection with other dances dating! Derailed but did not do something, we do not care about anything! But the ex-boyfriend forced her not to contact me, but after all, they are not a city school, after which we will take up his ex-boyfriend's secret contacts, because fear is not that crazy man go to school it! She has been called my husband, saying that men are tough, but wait for him to complete their studies on whether we do it! We Shuangsushuangfei! Although I verbally agreed to, but I always have guard. Later she went to school to participate in reply, that men should go, and she explained that the phone down and told me not to find her, I guess that they're together again a few days ago, because under normal circumstances, she would contact me every night , but not a few days, but I do not have evidence of it! Unknowingly until now, that woman go to another city to find work, the men went to her, she asked me now how do I say that you saw him he would not find you, and finally she said that her cell phone off and then boot a lot of his message,

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I say you do not have control of these, she said that she was only 50, did not take cards, so out of frustration, I say you go, I wait for you, but now 22:00 , and estimated that men with any connection. And cell phone off, in general, she does not shut down, afraid I texted in the past was that men see it! Do I really have a third party, but that woman clearly say that love is I, her parents now agreed to give me a chance to know me ah! Hey ... pain ah! I want to separate from her, and many want to scold her, but afraid to hurt her, called her heart it did not feel uncomfortable! I feel like a fart as she swear! To tell the truth, really want derided her a ah! But ... hey ... how can I do?

Tuesday, 31. August 2010

Abandoned behind

By lexia, 04:41

Abandoned behind ...
There is a very ordinary high school day, transferred to a boy, tall and handsome, a non-mainstream dress up, always showing from him a noble, rebellious temperament. Of course, this is an ordinary high school, so fine a boy will certainly hit campus. Sure enough, overnight, he made a name, every day, received love letters, gifts, women often "accidentally" hit by what is almost commonplace. The boy has never received any girls. They are not good enough, only they did not feel anything. One day, the boy saw a cute girl, he clearly remember the moment they saw a girl how fast his heartbeat. The boy knew he was falling in love with girls, although girls are not outstanding, but he only has feelings for this girl.
Injury, she had very carefully treatment of a boy, but the boys just take her toys, so she will not dare to accept the feelings, and she just Pazai injuries, not to mention the boy so good, girls think that boys would not have her sincere . Friends, these words tell the boy intact boys heart pain, and had been injured girl. The boy vowed in his heart, he would surely love the girls, would not let her get a little injured. The next day, the boy told the world he likes girls, this once again stir up the school. Every day the boy went to girl with her homework, help her Da Fan, take her to the dormitory, rainy day umbrella for him that he was wet, he never called the girl's name, has called her "little fool "Because the boy that called" Little fool, "would be more friendly ... ... Gradually, the girls believed the boy was really like her. One night, to send girls to the hostel in the small forest corridor, the boy once again on the girl saying: "Little fool, I love you, really good like good love, when my girlfriend, OK? Such a long time, do not you really can not see how I really like you? I promise I will not let you hurt, I will Haohao De lifetime care of you. little fool, I'll hurt you, believe me, will you? " shy girl bowed his head: "ah," the boy bent his head to kiss the girl, hazy moon on the boy's face, handsome in a mess, the girl closed her eyes tightly. For a long time, the two have become the envy of every school a pair, the girl feel like Cinderella, and finally found his Prince, she happily every day, are you getting a good well-being.
But did not last long, the girl finds boy these days about her getting cold, and very few come to her, and even phone messages are very small. Girls panicked, she felt happy as soon slipped away. Finally, the girl can not help but go to the boys in the classroom to find him. When girls go to sleep boy lying on the table, the girl was angry, boy is not willing to reason she would rather go to bed, at the same table to see girls, shook the boy, the boy looked up and saw girls, lazy get up from his seat out of the classroom came to girls before, the girl asked the boy looked up: "My husband, why do you ignore me, ah? Are you not me ah?" the boy's eyes across the cold touch of sadness, which was then immediately replaced by indifference, he lower first look at girls, watching girls, said: "Yes, so you Do not come after me! us over!" These words like bolt from the blue, makes the girl's Yi Zheng Meng, tears burst down immediately, she pulled the boy's hand; "My husband, you lie to me, right? you say will be a lifetime care of my ah, you said do not hurt me, do not you?! you said I was your little fool You will cherish small fool, ah! how could you forget these ah? husband, you must be cheating me, right? "boy Bie Guolian not see girls, he closed his eyes, fiercely pulling away from the girl's hand, forces, great that girl fell to the ground. He told the girl: "I said, still not clear enough?! I do not want you! Do not like you! Do not come after me!" Surrounded by people who see a joke, everyone's reaction that scared the boys hop. Girl was heartbroken, but she lifted her to face, watched the little boy asked; "Why?" The boy next to a beautiful female hand clasped the shoulder: "This is the reason," Girls can not think of a beautiful boy will like her, she started Somewhat taken aback, then Huiguo Shen, deliberately by the body to the boys by. Girls watching this scene, heartache can not breathe faster. She covered her chest, right? Had all the rubbish, he just play it ... since my case, why should I like, like like a clown, so all of joke? But how to do, my heart hurts ... girls dry their tears, calm on the boy simply said: "I know, since I will not bother you," finished and turned to leave. The boy did not see the girl turned around the moment, how sad she was crying. Similarly, the girls did not see, she turned, the boy pushed his face in disgust after a beautiful girl back seat to sleep, no one can see, the boy climbed up on the table the moment, his eyes red. Boys no longer bear it, his heart ache quickly die, and even breathing became tingly, he did not want to hurt her, he promises her he has never forgotten, he would like to achieve these commitment ah! He is also really love his little fool's ah, he Really Want to hurt her lifetime ah, but since the late receipt of the list of hospital after cancer goes on all the impossible ... my dear little fool, my lovely The wife, not me in the near future, you have a person to live a happy heart, husband I will love you in heaven. Wife, to forgive her husband's selfish, I'd rather hurt you, do not let you watch me die, even if you hate my life, I do not make you suffer so much pain. Wife, I'm sorry, I love you.

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Monday, 16. August 2010

He took away all my love

By lexia, 03:39
You go with all my love is gone, just a break. I endured the tears watching your back and wanted to finally hold you once and wanted to say to you in an "I love you"
Rain drenched the air, tired of the sad, my memory of the fairy tale has been slowly melting. Since love, why not say it, some things lost, just have never come back! Love is the kind of feeling, when that feeling has not, I was still at the force myself, called responsibility! Breaking up is kind of courage! When this has been the absence of courage, and I are still in encouraging their own, called tragic! -
More than life, lonely endless. Lonely life, love round, the theme of loneliness is love forever. I and my shadow alone. It said it wanted to have a private message to me. It is said that it was the original `^ I miss you and I both think you` shadow `
Just the other side in perfect staged a tragedy, all the blood and tears withered thorns breeds in a bud, it will experience reincarnation of seven thunderstorms, and then bloom in the humid air ... ...
Fish bait, it is because the fish love the fisherman, it is willing to Bo fisherman with their lives like smile ... ... to stay in your body belongs to me the mark, do not recall, you never belonged to me ... ... If one day not like you, my life would also like once did fall, decadent ... I do not want to live like that, so I do not give up before you, you at least like my ... ...
In fact, I have been waiting by your side, so tell you on my shoulder, will some day, you belong to me gently, I will not let you feel bad, let your tears flow again!
You when I was a kite, or else put me, or else receive a good home, do not use an invisible mind sees tied me so that my heart hurt. Out of the window under the snow, a cup of coffee, hold to it cold only know the thought of you. How can I expect you to understand! The first cry because you were not laughing because first met you, the first smile in tears because they can not have you! Years as a river, left bank is unable to forget the memories, grasp the right bank is worthy of their youth, the middle of fast flowing, the young faint of sad. World there are many good things, but really do not get their own. See Pretrial blossom Rongrubujing, hope heaven Yunjuanyunshu, retention or intention. In this divergent around the secular world, to learn to treat a common heart all around, is also a state.
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Friday, 06. August 2010

So you are here

By lexia, 05:54
So you are here
They meet, they leave. Do not stare, does not manifest. Not even a goodbye. All, only love.

The road is not wide and not narrow either side of heaven on earth.

Stunning modern mansion area on the left, without veil of pride and luxury.

Dark damp old house looked tired to stand in the way in the right side, silently waiting for demolition.

Boys and girls in the same class to attend a high school senior classes do not know. After going to night classes just under a day, on that long, straight road, with a total of two elongated figure by street lamps.

Entrance hurry to step by step approach.

Boys like to walk home after going to night classes, and play on the cool night breeze, ease the dull and depressed.

Girls want to have a bike, you can quickly learn to go home. But she wore the whole, only two pairs of shoes another, the friction in this walked on the street.

Mostly very quiet street close to 11 o'clock. As far away from the city center, the left often live in different grades of cars driving quickly passed, rapidly disappeared in the road. The nightlife is often not poverty, so deep in the night, the right is the vast expanse of silence.

Entrance is closely associated heavy, not happy with laughter, a hyperextension to suffocation.

See each other across the road seems to be a habit, so thin in the night, strong pressure has a companion on a desert island as long companion. Though hard and does not feel lonely.

College Entrance Examination held as scheduled.

Looking back on earth has a dream of the day reminding us of scenes, Gankaiwanduan.

After a long summer test, the taste of summer.

Urban planning has finally advanced to a road or right side.

The day before the demolition, the girl standing in front of staring blankly at her residence nearly two decades of Tolerance in the old house.

Sink the sun, the moon rise up. Is about to come tomorrow,.

Girls know what to do, only have to go slowly along the road.

"Oh, you are here?" The boy behind the voice.

"Ah." Girl nodded slightly.

They silently come so far in the right side of the road.

Moonlit, gently pour in the two young faces on. This way, they do not even know each other's names.

Many years later, the girl, no, is a happy woman has a satisfactory work, pain of her husband, lovely children. Busy and fulfilling life.

But occasionally, when she was walking alone in the street, see the shuttle from the young children. She remembered that the moon clear night. Then girls, cherish the beauty of fortune, do not regret not having the results of the first love.

Some feelings, some love, light, and can not tell another undying, to cuts, clear and have not the slightest impurity.

This is the girl's secret.

She will remember the boy cool figure, the one that softly: Oh, you are here?
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Love is not love

By lexia, 05:42

Recalled a few years back ... ...
Gently Duanqichabei, thin items of goods, a kind of rich Kugan, brow slightly wrinkled, serene once again thought of him, it was her first love and that is not the first love, a love of.

Acquaintance with him was an accident that day he walk the fields in the camellia, to take care of those plants and flowers, serene passing stopped in her tracks when she looked at him, looked like a wizard, like a beautiful, beautiful people move do not open eyes. Serene could not bear to disturb him, sitting on a chair far away, so looking at him quietly, his eye found her, two pairs of eyes appeals to seem a kind of in an unknown feeling in the distribution. From that day like a signed agreement between them, he would take care of camellias and every day she would sit there and look around every day, serene, and he never said a word, may it always be so understanding, she knows him one of the implications of a move, when he needs to understand what it takes, and she always needs the first time he handed it to him, and the day so live day by day, it was her 17-year-old, the bloom of youth, young girls are sinking The heart is a little bit so that he plundered, as the spring twilight, summer, warm autumn breeze, winter snow. But she still did not and he said a word, because in her mind, he is not close to her hazy, can not close, as her great respect as we respect him, and not have had the slightest cross-border.

One day he suddenly disappeared, she waited for him all day, finally the time when darkness fell, serene understand, he will not come again, and later told her that he married, heard that the bride was a wealthy woman, there was serene in the face of a difficult to cover up the sad, sad that glide in her tender heart sinking, leaving a wound so far are indelible. In her mind it was love, no, not that, but she has love, pain, hate, and grew up, also see. Now she has 23 years of age, but for the time that memories are not abating, but more profound, and a kind of feeling here especially began to spread, and 6 years later ... ... the pursuit of her a lot, but have been her A rejected, do not know why, but clearly there is still that person's mind location, serene understand no longer necessary, and that for the money, willing to give up the camellia, willing to give up her man.

He is not worthy of love, but even the first time how that was throbbing are unforgettable, she has been so willing to live in their memories, even if it is not love to love and confusion 6 years.

Standing on the terrace, serene brow increasingly tight, quiet thoughts into the distance also froze immediately, greet her eyes was the man, she'll never forget this man, she did not say anything, and on the balcony looked at him silently.

"Eh-hem ... ... this tea, how hard was it?" Paused as if to understand something.

I love that previously had to take care of flowers that you, not the person that's your husband. Raising the head does not take into account the temperature of tea in one gulp.

"It appears that this is not love love is over ... ..."

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